Our trainings

We encourage you to select a training, that suits your dog's experience level. At the first meeting, we will get to know better and agree on a personalised program.

Rally obedience

Basic commends, useful in everyday life and required for more advanced training. Preparations for a rally obedience competition organised by Rally-O association in Poland.

and tricks

Handler and dog relationship development, new more advance commends and tricks. Dog body awareness, four paws coordination, understanding directions. Learning through fun and positive motivation methods.

and agility

Introduction into the world of dynamic canine sports and the tasks of a handler and a dog. Disc throwing techniques, correct dog sending and effective fetch. Exercises on a track with obstacles, slalom and tunnel. Preparation for a competition at the basic level.

Sheep herding

Introduction to the world of herding, sheepdog tasks and the role of a man as a shepherd. Assisted and unassisted sheep herding, with a trainer. Preparation for the Herding Working Test (HWT)

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